I Don’t Need You. I Want You.

For so long I felt like I needed people. In terms of relationships I mean.
But in actuality, I don’t need you. I want you.
I need God.
I need water and sustenance.
I need oxygen.
I need my family, my friends.
I need shelter.
I need my health and a sense of well-being.
I need livelihood and a means by which to support myself.
But I don’t need *you*. I don’t require you. You are not a necessity for my well-being. You are not indispensable to me. I don’t need you to complete me.
In fact, I am absolute all by myself. I am complete, in myself alone. Granted, it took some time to get there, but I am okay, just me.
But I want you.
I desire you.
I have a strong impulse for you.
I crave you.
I yearn for you.

When someone needs you, you become an obligation, you become always available. You are an expectation, a possession if you will. And that natural feeling of longing, of admiration dissipates into presumption and audacity. I don’t ever want you to feel obligated to me. I want you to feel committed to me, loyal, and wholeheartedly mine, but not as in ownership. I want to be your experience, your euphoria. I don’t want to be your situation I want to be your circumstance. Because if your circumstance is always evolving, always loving, always supporting, always passionate, then imagine how great your situations will be. I can be great without you and you without me, but what a wonder to be great together. That is relationship preeminence.

“People should complement you, not complete you. We should be complete on our own. That is where we hold the strength to love each other through and past our weakness. I shouldn’t need you. I should want you.” -STW



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