Love at First Sight

In my previous post, I attempted to break down the meaning of love, both by definition and biblically. But what does it truly mean to love someone at first sight? Do you guys even think that it is possible?

I remember picking up a woman for our first date and it was also the first time we would meet face-to-face, although we had been “dating” over the phone and through text for a week. I was nervous! I really did not know what to expect. With all the filtering and photoshopping these days, I was very anxious to really see her. I knocked on the door and after a few moments she opened it. And there she stood. And I was by all meaning of the phrase in love at first sight.

We went to dinner, went bowling, went dancing and had an amazing time. I did not want the night to end. And when we had our first kiss…and then the second, third and fourth because we could not keep our hands off of each other, I became almost neurotic for a moment. I barely knew this woman. Granted, we had been having some lengthy conversations throughout the week, one even lasting well into the next morning. We had already shared some pretty intimate details about our lives with one another, both good and bad. So, to finally come face-to-face with this woman who had already opened up so much with me and I with her was amazingly overwhelming. And I loved her. Immediately. But I was definitely not going to admit that. This was date #1! But, I knew she was different. I knew she was “the one”.

Am I crazy? Am I the only person who has ever fallen in love simply by sight? And don’t get me wrong, I was already intrigued with her by the things I had learned about her through conversation, but to finally see the mouth of this voice that I had been hearing on the other end of the phone and to finally hold the hands that had kept me clinging on to her written dialect was unprecedented. And in that moment, I was hers.

If you cannot tell, I am a hopeless romantic, completely in love with love! And though I may not have always taken the best approach in giving and showing love, I am definitely on the path to revelation and reconciliation with that part of me. Stay tuned, I feel it may be an interesting journey. :)

“And though my ears had heard her, my eyes were eager to see her, and my hands frenetically awaited her hello.” – STW



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