My Mouth is Very Un-lady Like

Yesterday, my friend said to me “Someone told me that my cussing made me less attractive. I wanted to cuss them out.”

I have an awful cussing habit, or cursing, whichever pronunciation you prefer. I don’t know when it started. In fact, one of the entries in my yearbook senior year of high school was a classmate impressed with the fact that she had never heard me cuss! It has now become a drug.

Hello, my name is Sham, and I am a cuss-o-holic.

Does cussing really make you less attractive? Sometimes I find myself cussing, not even out of anger, and I stop and wonder how people perceive me by the words I use. For instance, my friends and I use the term “bitch” as sort of a term of endearment. It is not uncommon for us to start a sentence with “Bitch!” or “Let me tell you what this bitch…” or “This bitch is over here…”. It is never in a negative way, it’s just what we say.

I remember the first time I used this particular term of endearment with an ex. You would have thought I had just killed her dog, had she had one. But, I had become so use to the term that I wasn’t even thinking about it when I said it, and by no means was it meant to be negative. Needless to say, I watched my tongue very closely from then on.

Cussing out of anger is a completely different scenario all together. I feel like I can’t get how angry I am at someone across unless I use some form of profanity. It’s like an exclamation point for me during an argument. I have noticed that doing so does not make my argument any stronger. It makes me unheard. I should be able to express my anger and frustration without talking at, down to, or degrading the person I am angry with.

So I am challenging myself, and failing miserably might I add, to clean up my language. We all know that once the words have left your mouth, there is no taking them back. This is something that I am working on, and would love for my fellow cuss-o-holics to take this challenge with me. A link to my email is below, and I am taking a 7 day vow not to cuss, starting today. Email me your encouragement and your progress! I will most definitely respond. They say it takes a village to raise a child… and a massive handful of fuckers to teach them not to cuss! (Yeah this is going to be difficult!)

“Profanity is simply an attempt to express ourselves forcefully. Instead, make your vocabulary more powerful.” -STW



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