4 Days of Grace: Mercy

My devotional this morning really hit home for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge perfectionist and a tad bit OCD. And at times, this puts a huge hindrance on my day-to-day life, my relationships, my career, you name it. I have always had this notion that everything needed to and had to be perfect. It goes back to the previous post about weakness. I literally, at times, am living in torture because my need for things to be perfect is so great.

But then I realized something. When looking at the definition of grace, it only works with our imperfections. Grace can’t cling to perfection. No wonder I have not be feeling God’s grace! Not only do I want His grace, I desire his mercy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 6.06.38 PM

I am blessed. Truly blessed. No matter what hardships I am facing, when I take a look at my life, I have it pretty dang good. But I am hardheaded. And God continues to work on my stubbornness. And that is His mercy shining through.

I have had so many questions about my past relationships and why they ended, especially my most recent one. But I read something today that said “Those of us who are never satisfied with our accomplishments secretly believe nobody will ever love us unless we’re perfect.” Ding! Ding! Ding! That is why I have spent so many years loving fearfully. But grace says I don’t have to be perfect. And mercy says that I will be forgiven for not being.

Add mercy to the four days left on your challenge. It will change your life.

“With my words I use to say “I am humble. I am not proud. I give freely and have no animosity in my heart.” Then God showed up with His actions and said “Watch me prove you wrong, but you will thank me for it later.” -STW



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