One thing that you are guaranteed to learn or hear at some point in your life: you are not as great as you think you are! And I definitely learned that through my latest trial. Not that I am not a good person or a great person for that matter. However, the great that I define myself to be is much different from the great that others define I’m sure.

When we look at ourselves, most of us anyway, it can be from a very selfish standpoint. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but we are kind of designed that way. I mean, if you don’t take value in yourself who else will? But some can take it a little too far, to where it is almost annoying. And the thing is, sometimes they are not even doing it on purpose! Sometimes some of us are just hating. (I’m guilty of it) And I feel like that is how I came across to some people, as almost perfect. Well I think I have done a pretty good job of letting everyone know that it is not all rainbows and butterflies over here. But guess what? The sun is definitely shining.

I spoke a few posts back about humility showing up in my life. And she had been attempting to meet with me for some time. But my “woe is me” attitude was starting to foster a realm of conceit and selfishness around me. And humility was unable to get through the crowd. But oh when she finally did! She made her presence known! My friends have really rallied around me over the last few weeks, literally at my beck and call when I needed them: when I was sad, when I was having a bad day, when I needed to vent, when I needed to send them a text message that I wanted to send my ex but knew I shouldn’t. One day, I was at my lowest. And all of my friends were busy living their lives as they should have been. But for a second I was upset that no one wanted to be there for me in that moment. I was seriously angry because they were off with their girlfriends and boyfriends and not with me. But then, there humility was. She didn’t even knock or anything, just walked right on in! She looked at me, I looked at her, and she said “We need to talk.”

Humility was right. Because although I didn’t see anything wrong with how I was handling my grief, there were some holes in it. I had become so consumed in my situation and what I was dealing with that I hadn’t even stopped to ask my friends how they were doing, what was going on in their lives or if they needed to vent to me about anything or if I needed to be a shoulder for them. I was so self-consumed. That realization made me embarrassed and ashamed. I was expecting my friends to do for me what they had to ask me to do for them…be there. As she left, she turned and said “Don’t make me have to come back and see you, because I promise the next visit won’t be so nice.” I assured humility that I had heard her loud and clear.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives, the good, the bad, the other, that we forget that we are not the only people trying to live. We don’t acknowledge those around us who are dealing with things. Although it may not be the same as us, they are still dealing. They still have good news to share, they still need a hand to hold theirs, they still need to talk over a glass of wine or cup of coffee.

How humble are you? Are you taking the time to live your life, but also supporting those around you in living theirs? If you need a visit from humility, send me an email, because I have her on speed dial!

“Being the best person you think you know will only turn into you being the only person you know. Leave room for other people in your life and be willing to accept the room they have made for you in theirs.” -STW



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