I’m In Love

It is true. I have found myself ultimately and completely in love with someone. Someone who has the power to alter my life, someone who has the power to make all of my decisions, someone who determines every move I make, whether or not I wake up in a good or bad mood, whether or not to cook me breakfast or make me coffee, whether or not I look good in the three outfits I have tried on although I end up wearing the first one I tried on, someone who may let me down but it will be my fault because I allowed them to, and someone who has the ability to make me the happiest I can ever me.

I am in love with me.

How many of you were waiting on some juicy reveal?! Sorry to disappoint, but I have a strong message for you.

Find the nearest mirror, or even pull up the selfie camera on your phone and say to yourself “I love you. And not only do I love you, but I am in love with you.” Because if we cannot say these words to ourselves, if we cannot portray this feeling to ourselves, how do we expect for anyone else to? It is all about self-completion, which we all know I have become very big on lately. I don’t just want good things to happen to me, I want to foster good things in me. I want to speak affirmations of positive things into my life. Around my mirror in my bathroom, I have a ton of sticky notes. It’s like Being Mary Jane meets what I want to be when I grow up. And they say things like:

I am loved. I am forgiven. I am a writer. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a business owner. I am favored. I am a good person. I am healed, and so on.

I say these things out loud in the morning while I prepare for my day, over and over I repeat them and I am speaking these things into existence. I am affirming the things that I want.

Be in love with yourselves! Be your biggest fan and your biggest supporter! At least that way you know you will always have a cheering section, even if it is a party of one. I have enjoyed my self-recreation over the last few weeks. It has been so inspiring for me and my hope is that some of you have been inspired as well.

Fall in love with yourself all over again today…and tomorrow and the next day. And watch how your perspective changes. Watch how the actions and words of others towards you affect you differently. Watch doors open that you never even paid attention to before. And watch your self-worth, your self-ambition, and your self-joy accelerate! And in case no one else wants to fall in love with me, I am already spoken for. :) Happy Friday all…

“Sometimes I can’t control my thoughts, and I have an even harder time controlling my tongue. What you speak into your life is what your soul chooses to go after. I choose to speak love. I choose to affirm greatness.” -STW



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