Love: Perfectly Imperfect 2

Someone needed to see this part again. I don’t know who. But someone. 

I asked an older lady that I know how she and her husband had been married for 45 years. She said to me “I’ll tell you why. Because I knew things would be bad. I knew they would be good, but I also knew they would be bad. There were times when I didn’t like him. There were even moments when I thought I couldn’t love him. There were things that he did and said that hurt me to my core, but I loved him. Biblically. With everything that I had. And he loved me the same. And sometimes life would get in the way and we would lose sight of one another and why we chose each other. But we always found our way back. And I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone but him. You see the problem with you young folks today is that you want everything to be perfect. You don’t want to be hurt. You want to be loved a specific way. But that’s just not reality. You learn one another. And it takes time. You have to allow yourselves to adjust to one another. You don’t know this person. You will always be learning this person. And you have to give them room to mess up. And they will. Repeatedly. And sometimes they just won’t get it. But when it is true love, divine love, that moment when everything settles and comes together will be the best moment of your life.”
Happy Wednesday everyone! 



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