I Am Not Certain of Much, But These I Must Remember

Life. It’s beautiful, it’s devastating, it’s wondrous, it’s intriguing, it sucks, it’s glorious, it goes on. No matter what, it always goes on. I am certain of that.

Trials, tests, burdens, heaviness, hurt, sadness, tears have all been a huge part of my life lately. And I am not use to pain. I am not use to instability, lack of control, unhappiness. And as much of a daily struggle it is for me, I must remember a few things:

  1. Pain is a necessary evil. It grows you. It changes you. It refines you. It progresses you. In the moment, it can almost destroy you. But we have to be able to envision the other side of the pain which is joy and growth.
  2. Worrying helps nothing and you have to let go of control. There is very little that we can control, but so much that can control us. When we obsess over things that we can’t control, it makes us act out of control. When we worry, it aids in nothing but anxiety and stress. Be Still.
  3. Most things in life are temporary. That goes for both good and bad. Pain will not last forever. Certain love will not last forever. Relationships do not last forever. People do not last forever. Night is always followed by day. Enjoy the moment and make the most of it, no matter what others think or say.
  4. Do not be ashamed of your past or your present. That is what made and is making you who you are now and will be. That is what builds your story. That is what sets your legacy. That is what pushes you forward. That is your testimony.
  5. Some people just do not care about you. That is the honest truth. Some people do not care enough to be concerned about you, to show up for you, to be there for you, to understand you, to sit with you, to ask if you are okay, to love you. When you find someone who does, do not let them out of your life. Because good, genuine people are rare.
  6. Not everyone will accept what you are willing to and capable of giving. This is huge. Just because they can’t or won’t accept it doesn’t mean that you are offering them something invaluable. It is just not for them. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Don’t feel bad about it. Because someone will want what you have to offer.
  7. What is meant to be will always be. God has a divine plan and it is not our job or our right to know it or understand it. It is our job to have faith that it is working out, even when all appears to be falling apart. We can never alter what God has already put in motion. So you may think you missed the opportunity, but if God wants it for you it will be so.
  8. Positivity is the best medicine. It is so easy to wallow, to become negative, depressed, upset. But these are all things that we have complete control over. Control them. It is a mindset.
  9. Always be you and don’t allow people to label you. And don’t apologize for it. If you love hard, so be it. If you are a hopeless romantic, so be it. If you are OCD, so be it. If you are gay, straight, in between, so be it. Do not allow people to label you. Just be you. Do not be ashamed of who you are, your interests, who or what appeals to you. Because we get one life, and you get to decide if you will live it or if you will let others live it for you. And if you can be okay with who you are and decisions that you are making, that is all that matters. Don’t miss out on aspects of life because someone else was telling you how to live. God puts people and places and things in front of us for a reason. Don’t overlook them.

Life is just that. But the aspects of it are up to us. How will you choose to live yours? I have made countless mistakes. I have said stupid things and done stupid stuff. I have loved the wrong people and loved the right people wrong. I have been mistreated and mistreated others. I have not followed through because someone told me not to. I have led with fear. I have taken things and people for granted. I have second-guessed. I have said too much and sometimes not enough. I have come on too strong and in other cases been timid. Sometimes I have not lived, but simply existed. I want to live.



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