In the Meantime: Surviving the Mediocre

Life is a great thing. But just as it can be exciting and invigorating in one instant, it can jump to complete weariness in the next. There are so many ups and downs and back and forth that when things start to even out, neither excitement nor boredom, it can become hard to adjust. So what do you do? How do you handle the grey area? When there are no current expectations or delays, what do you do in the meantime?

Mediocrity in itself is a lagging state. It becomes all-consuming and pushes the mind to search for things that we do not necessarily need to be searching for. It forces us to wonder, to scrutinize, and to attempt to fill what we perceive as a void or a lacking. In actuality these downtimes are really just a means of rest, a reset if you will. What do we do with this moment of respite?

Over the past year, I have become accustomed to this phase of life, the in-between. And it was becoming a taxing chore to stay busy when there was really nothing going on in my life. I had created a blog site and got it up and running, and a few months later the anticipation from it had worn off. I changed residences and it only took me a couple weeks to get things organized, so that occurrence was done. I had even started a business. But I felt as if I were on autopilot. Life was not bad by any means, but nothing new was transpiring. I was sitting at home in the evenings literally twiddling my thumbs. What was I to do? I formed an appropriate, somewhat corny, acronym for this period of “floating through life” that I was experiencing: R.O.W. What does this mean, exactly? I am so glad you asked!

Read. I read a quote once that said “Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are.” How accurate is that for the downtime and the waiting period? Plus, it aids in your general knowledge and helps to build and strengthen your intelligence. I set aside 30-45 a night just for reading, no matter what the subject or the source. I just wanted to know things. It also helped to keep my mind engaged as well as entertained.

Occupy Yourself. FIND SOMETHING TO DO! The routine of work and home can become very monotonous very quickly. Find a hobby, exercise, socialize outside of social media, or take a day trip, anything! Just find something to do that gets you out of your everyday habit. This can help you learn new things, meet new people and see new places. Changing up your scenery and habits occasionally can be a very healthy and fulfilling practice.

Write. This is the most satisfying one for me and also gives me the greatest release. I am a writer by nature, so I am partial to the “W”, and I have learned that it can be very invigorating and therapeutic to get some of the thoughts that are constantly roaming around in your head out. This writing does not have to be formal, so try not to focus so much on the grammaticism or the fundamentals. Just write, with the objective being to free your mind of overwhelming or clutter-some thoughts. Who knows, you may find that you are a decent writer!

Life has the capacity to lift you higher than you have ever been and to drop you lower than you ever imagined you could go. It also has the power to let you just be, to leave you where you are for however long it sees fit, with you just waiting on the next chapter. Embrace the grey area. ROW yourself through the meantime. There is growth there. There is an awakening there. There is self-sufficiency there.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, 


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