The United States of Africa

You brought us here.
You brought us here under hopes unclear
That quickly turned to fear
And mere loneliness.

You stole us from there.
To produce your farms
And allow your children to lie in our arms
We could not take up arms
To keep us out of harm’s

You made the way.
For us to have no way
We were okay
Before you interfered and offered us for pay
In return.

We could not return.
To the comfort of familiarities of what was ours
For we became yours.

You made us property.
A belonging of a place to which we did not belong.
An effect of notions that would have grave effect on our emotions.
Because we were your most valuable resource,
You made us stuff.

You made us your kin.
You gave us your last names and even offered us to your men.
And the webs of immorality grew with you taking the lead but not the responsibility.
Our women became unwanted mistresses, with husbands raising children they had no claim to.
They biologically belonged to you.

And now you want us to go back.
To the place from which our ancestors were forced to turn their backs.
To come here, to the land of freedom, to pick up your slack.

No, you made your choice.
You made your decision to load us up like pigeons and dock us on the land of free speech and religion.

We paid our due.
We made America a home for you.
Despite the suffrage and the heartbreak that you put us through.
Now the other foot is wearing the shoe.



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